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For banks & appraisers 

Do you need comprehensive and up-to-date data analyses to work more effectively and efficiently? Realstats has complete and reliable datasets of the Dutch rental market at its disposal. By integrating multiple data sources and applying smart models based on algorithms, we create valuable insights that allow you to automate processes.


This enables you to gain insight into valuable property data, such as information on leases, rents, and transactions. By basing services on reliable data sources and powerful analyses, customer experiences can be optimized.


Visualize results and measure important KPIs. 


Automate documents, claims, transactions, and much more.

Actionable insights

Gain key insights and base your services on data-driven analyses.

A customized data dashboard

Do you want to be able to gain real-time insight into the latest housing market figures? Then a custom-made dashboard is the best choice for you. Our dashboards are fully customized and designed and visualized by our data experts to make the data understandable for everyone. With a few clicks on a button, you can request the data insights you need.

A dashboard offers the most extensive possibilities. You can use filters to further specify data and set up automatic alerts to immediately inform about important changes in the market.

One-off report

Receive a customized report containing the important features for you. Our data experts convert the data into a clear analysis. Trends and developments are made clear in a comprehensible manner.

Realtime API-connection

Do you need data on demand? The Realstats API interface provides you with the latest figures in one click.Our API interface provides you with the most up-to-date data set at any time.

The benefits

  • Manual analyses are no longer necessary

  • Spending less time on administrative work, thanks to data integration

  • Efficient decision-making based on various data sources

  • Always aware of the latest developments with real-time data insights

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