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For investors

In order to make well-informed choices and minimize investment risks, insight is essential. Realstats has the most complete and reliable dataset of the Dutch rental market. By combining multiple sources and using smart systems (AI algorithms), we can provide you with a complete picture of market demand, rental price developments, the environment, rental transactions, and the trade area. In this way, we help you assess investments and build and maintain a profitable portfolio.

Area analysis

Gain valuable insights into the (built) environment and discover opportunities.

Risk analysis

What are the risks of a specific investment and the current portfolio?

Real-time insights

What is the ideal rent to gain maximum return? And what are the expectations for the future?

A customized data dashboard

Do you want to be continuously informed about the latest developments? Then a data dashboard is the best choice for you. Our dashboards are fully tailor-made and designed and visualized by data experts so that the data is understandable for everyone. A dashboard offers the most extensive possibilities. For example, you can use filters to further specify data and set alerts to be immediately informed of changes that are important to you.

A complete report with clear insights

Receive a one-off clear in-depth analysis of your municipality, including the issues you find important. This report provides you with insights about specific investments, investment issues, building projects, or development locations.

The benefits

  • Manual analyses are no longer necessary

  • Gain valuable insights based on multiple data sources

  • Receive data-driven recommendations and predictions

  • Stay on top of the latest developments with real-time data insights

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