Why market research?

Find the answer to all your real estate questions! The real estate market is a challenging sector with many opportunities. Realstats' data helps you to identify and exploit these opportunities. 


Realstats has access to the largest database on the Dutch free-sector housing market. Our data scientists map out your problem, filter the right data from our database and apply the latest technology to it. Using artificial intelligence models and algorithms we train our models and convert our data into usable analyses. We provide you with innovative insights and expose trends and developments, enabling you to substantiate important choices and minimize investment risks.

Data analysis

Our data analyses help you with:

  • Market research
  • Input for project development
  • Better matching of supply and demand for new builds
  • New and unique insights into the housing market
  • Translating online search behavior to offline physical construction

Partner companies

Realstats originated from a collaboration between Clappform and Pararius.

Clappform is a data analytics platform for the real estate industry. This flexible cloud-based platform makes it possible to create valuable insights based on both structured and unstructured data, thereby integrating advanced data analytics within companies. By using knowledge and expertise from different sectors, Clappform helps to integrate and develop AI solutions for making business processes smarter.

Pararius has been matching the housing market’s supply and demand since 2006. It is the largest property portal in the Netherlands with more than 2.5 million visitors per month. All professional real estate stakeholders such as estate agents, project developers and housing associations can advertise properties for sale and rental properties on Pararius. This means the listings on the portal stay up-to-date, fair, complete and without any extra costs, totally accessible for home seekers. As a result, more than 70,000 people find new homes annually on Pararius!

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