Insights in the situation and developments of your municipality

For municipalities

The choices made by the municipality can have a major impact. We understand that it is important that these choices are well-thought-out and substantiated. To make these choices, certain insights are needed.


Realstats has the most complete and reliable data set of the Dutch rental market. This enables us to provide insight into the current situation and developments of your municipality. These insights help you to make well-informed choices and to map and adjust the effect.

Municipality scan

What is the situation in your municipality and its surrounding? What are the latest important developments? 

Neighborhood scan

What is the situation in neighborhoods and districts concerning liveability, facilities, and housing? How do rental prices develop? 

Liveability monitor

How can the quality of life in a municipality and specific neighborhoods be increased? Which issues have the most influence?

Sustainability monitor

For which homes, neighborhoods or districts is it necessary and interesting to invest?  

A customized data dashboard

Want to stay up to date all the time? Then a data dashboard is the best choice for you. Our dashboards are fully tailor-made and designed and visualized by data experts, making the data understandable for everyone. A dashboard offers the most extensive possibilities. For example, you can use filters to further specify data and set up automatic alerts to immediately inform you about important changes in your municipality.

A complete report with clear insights

Receive a one-off, clear in-depth analysis of your municipality, including the issues you consider important. This report can be used as a baseline measurement or to measure the effectiveness of the policy over time.

The benefits

  • Manual analyses are no longer needed

    Get an analysis of the desired location, district, or neighborhood with a few clicks on the button. 

  • Get access to new data insights

    Realstats not only provide insights into the situation but also into the influencing factors. This allows you to make adjustments in the right areas. 

  • Stay constantly up to date

    Keep an eye on the effect of policies and be aware of the latest development with our real-time data insights. 

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