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For real estate agents

As a real estate agent, you want to be able to give complete and well-founded advice on, for example, the right rental price. To do this, analyses are required. Current analyses take up a lot of time and sometimes give a distorted picture due to a lack of data.

Realstats has the most complete and reliable data set of the Dutch free rental market. This enables us to provide you, as a real estate agent, with new insights.

The average rental price

How does the average rental price develop in a municipality, district, or neighborhood? And how does this work per delivery form and surface area segment?

Housing supply

How has the supply of a specific type of house developed in recent times in a certain area or neighborhood? Is the supply currently scarce?

Reference transactions

Which comparable rental properties are currently on offer; with what characteristics and at what rental price?

A tailor-made dashboard

Do you want to gain real-time insight into the latest housing market figures? Then a custom-made dashboard is the best choice for you. Our dashboards are fully customized, designed, and visualized by data experts to make the data understandable for everyone. With a few clicks on the button, you can request the data insights you need. 


A dashboard offers the most extensive possibilities. You can use filters to further specify data and set up automatic alerts to be immediately informed of important changes in the market.

The benefits

  • Manual analyses are no longer needed

    Get an analysis of the desired location, district, or neighborhood with a few clicks on the button. 

  • Get access to new data insights

    Realstats not only provide insights into the development of rental prices and supply, but also segments this according to location, form of delivery, and area. 

  • Clear argumentation for the customers

    The extensive data insights and reference transactions enable you to substantiate your choices. 

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