The right strategy for each project 

For real estate developers

The demand for rental properties in the Netherlands is high. However, how great that demand exactly is, depends on the location, the type of house, and the housing characteristics. A specific strategy for each project is therefore essential. How do you ensure that your new construction or transformation project meets market demand? Realstats offers the most complete insight into the Dutch rental market and helps you to determine the right strategy.

The maximum return

With which rental price do you get the maximum return from an investment and does your supply match the market demand?

Insight in newly developed areas

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, we are able to predict the ideal rental price in newly developed areas. Think of industrial estates or completely new neighborhoods.

Market demand

How huge is the demand for rental housing at a specific location? And what type of home and what form of delivery is needed?

A customized data dashboard

Do you want to be able to monitor projects continuously and always be aware of the latest developments? Then a real-time data dashboard is the best choice for you. Our dashboards are fully customized and designed and visualized by our data experts making the data understandable for everyone. A dashboard offers the most extensive possibilities. For example, you can use filters to further specify data and set alerts so that you are immediately informed of changes that are important to you.

A complete report with clear insights

Receive a one-off, clear in-depth analysis containing the issues you find important. This report is the best choice for those looking for insights for a specific investment, building project or development site.

The benefits

  • Stay informed about the latest developments

    The rental market is changing rapidly. With Realstats' real-time data insights, you are constantly aware of the latest rental price developments.

  • Get insight into newly developed areas

    With the help of smart systems, Realstats provides insight into areas that are yet to be developed, such as industrial estates. This allows you to make well-founded choices.

  • Manual analyses are no longer needed

    Get an analysis of the desired location, district, or neighborhood with a few clicks on the button. 

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