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The choices you make as a municipality can have a major impact. We understand that it is therefore important that these choices are well thought out and substantiated. To do this, solid insight is needed.

Data-driven work within the municipality

Besides purchase, contract and search behaviour data, Realstats has the most complete and reliable dataset of the Dutch rental sector. This enables us to visualise the current situation and provide insight into developments or the effect of policy in your municipality. These insights help you make well-considered choices and subsequently map and adjust the effect of those choices.

Neighbourhood scan housing

What is the situation in neighbourhoods and districts with regard to liveability, facilities and housing stock? How are rents developing?

Dashboard housing

Real-time dashboard providing insight into developments within your municipality on the housing theme. 

Housing market research

What is the current situation in your municipality and immediate area? What are the latest significant developments after the policy was introduced?

Housing preferences survey

Real-time dashboard providing insight into developments within your municipality on the topic of housing. 

Our clients

Examples of customer cases within industry municipalities and government agencies 

And many more... 

A customised data dashboard

Continuously be able to keep your finger on the pulse? Then a data dashboard is the best choice for you. Our dashboards are fully customised and designed and visualised by data experts so that the data is understandable for everyone. A dashboard offers the most comprehensive possibilities. For example, you can use filters to further specify data and there is an option to set up automatic alerts so that you are immediately notified of important changes in your municipality.

A complete report with clear insights

Receive a one-off clear in-depth analysis of your municipality including the issues you consider important. This report can be used as a baseline or to measure the impact of policies over time.

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