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As an estate agent, you want to be able to give complete and well-founded advice on, for example, the right rent. To do this, analysis is needed which can sometimes be difficult due to lack of data. Realstats offers a tool to analyse this process easily, quickly and accurately. You benefit from a well-founded analysis and save time by no longer having to look up references.

Working data-driven as a broker and/or property manager

Realstats has the most complete and reliable dataset of the Dutch free sector rental market. Based on this, you as a real estate professional can gain a lot of new insights and save time.

The average rent

How does the average rent develop in a municipality, district or neighbourhood? And what about by type of delivery and area segment?

Insight into the housing offer

How has the supply of a specific type of housing developed recently in a particular neighbourhood or area? Is the supply currently scarce or not?

Reference transactions in the region

What comparable rental properties are currently on offer; with what characteristics and at what rent?

"Days on the market" and search behaviour

On average, how long is a property online and what is the search behaviour of house seekers. 

Our customers

Examples of customer cases within industry brokers and property managers.

And many more... 

A customised data dashboard

Always able to get real-time insight into the latest housing market figures? Then a customised dashboard is the best choice for you. Our dashboards are fully customised and set up and visually designed by data experts so that the data is understandable for everyone. At the press of a few buttons, you can request the data insights you need.

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