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The real estate market is a challenging industry with many opportunities. Realstats' data helps you identify and make the most of those opportunities. 

Market research in the built environment

Among other things, Realstats has access to the largest database on the Dutch freehold housing market. Our data-scientists map out your issue, filter the right data from our database and apply the latest technology to it. Among other things, we work with artificial intelligence models and algorithms to train our models and convert our data into useful analyses.  

We give you innovative insights and uncover trends and developments, allowing you to substantiate important choices and minimise investment risks.

Trend analysis

Stay updated on price trends based on the latest transactions.

Market research figures 

Full insight into price trends in a given period and/or area. 


Users of our solutions within the real estate market.

And many more... 

Analysis of data 

Our data analytics will help you with: 

  •  Market research
  •  Input for project development
  • Better matching of supply and demand for new builds
  • New and unique insights into the housing market
  • Translating online search behaviour into offline physical construction

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